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Student counseling and support center 01-03-2017


English name: Student counseling and support center

Student counseling and Support Center (SSC) was established on 12th December, 2016 on the basis of expanding and developing the functions and duties of Short term training and Enterprise Collaboration Center.
SSC operates with the following main tasks:

1.    Student counseling

1.1.    Counseling psychology, vocational guidance, start-up, soft skills.
1.2.    Counseling on selection of majors, credits, scholarship, and study abroad.
1.3.    Sharing with IUH student who has difficulties in learning and living.
1.4.    Organizing periodically topics on psychology, communication, sexual healthcare.
1.5.    Providing information, enrollment information, and scholarship.
1.6.    Organizing extra-curricular classes, professional skills to develop necessary skills for students.
1.7.     Coordinating with training units to counsel and support learning information, solve academic problems for students.
1.8.    Coordinating with the training units, alumni liaison committee to develop and connect the alumni network of the University to support and introduce career opportunities for students.

2.    Soft skills training

2.1.    Training Teamwork Skills for the whole IUH students.
2.2.    Training CV writing skills, job-interview skills.
2.3.    Training communication skill, leadership skill, music…

3.    Enterprises collaboration

3.1.    Finding internship places, factory visiting, jobs for students.
3.2.    Introduction of employment; providing recruitment information and labor markets.
3.3.    Supporting documents, procedure for student start-up.
3.4.    Coordinate with the training units, the Board of Enterprises Collaboration to develop and connect the network of enterprises to IUH.

-    Office: Ground floor, Building A
-    Phone: 028. 3985.5789 
-    Internal number: 0283 8940 390 - 178; 0283 8940 390 - 812
-    Email: