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IUH shakes hands with farmer innovators 01-02-2018

The university willingly offers supports as loan, personnels, knowledge, and equipments; but still respects copyrights owned by innovators.

From left to right: Innovators Tran Quoc Hai (Tay Ninh province), Dr. Nguyen Thien Tue – IUH’s President,
and Mr Nguyen Van Hai (Binh Thanh district) are discussing ideas of making embankment by truck tires - Photo: T.Han

From Nghe An, Binh Thuan, Ben Tre, Tay Ninh, Phu Yen and Lam Dong, 9 farmers innovators were invited to Ho Chi Minh city to present their innovation process, innovative product exports in front of doctors, lecturers of IUH.

This special event was held by IUH on January 30 with the purporse of enhancing chance of research and technology transfer collaboration between the university and innovators. 

For long term, both sides with mutually support to each other on innvovative thinking, experience sharing, personnels and modern equimment.

Sitting together to find solutions

The Vacuum Seed Sowing Machine helps reducing labor cost by thousands dong per day; the Green Coffee Classification Machine with over 90% effective performance; the 9-motion Robot by Mr "Hai lua" famous in Dragon fruit area; the Mechanical Assembly of Planting, cutltivating cassava, etc., are innovative products designed and produced by the 4, 5, 9-grade qualified “engineers”.

Apart from the new successful innovators, there are other ones with “outstanding asset” of nearly 20 pannels, exported to 6 countries. 

In the meeting, 16 mechanical equipments for agriculture were introduced by the university’s lecturers. Those equipment are designed and developed in the last 20 years by themselves.

Being famous with the Threat Twister in Ben Tre provice, Mr Le Van Liem said: "It’s too hard to produce such a machine as 9-grade qualification and not having computer knowledge! Feedback from customers is good but low reliability, frankly speaking. The difficulty is how to get high reliability in the conditions of lacking equipment and operating 40-year-old lather machines. To make up this advantage, I have to try with all efforts to provide the free-repair. $VND50 ml for a machine. Installment is acceptable. The demand is so large but there are many difficulties to meet, especially to a large scale production. One of suggestion is to be provided lather and milling machines in order to have a quick, qualified, reliable, low cost, and beautiful products.”

Responding to the innovators, Dr Nguyen Thien Tue, the President said: “We realy repect your ideas and innovation. The university has planned to allocate a budget amount of VND$10 bl for sciencetific research per year. However, most of research topics are so theorectical and academic. We want such researches could become practical products to serve farmers and the society; however, we lack understanding of real demand. This time is a good chance for for both sides to sit aside, seeking solutions to bring these products into market. In turn, the innovators can receive technical supports from us in term of academics and collaboration, too.

The university’s representative also told that an amount of $VND7bl has not been disbursed for applied researches and start-up projects by students as the lack of realism. It’s expected these innovators would become the links for star-up projects. 

"To those who have good ideals but lacking of finance or any resource/capability, we are willing to support. The university’s leaders, lecturers, researchers are to be here to listen to your suggestions in details. Then, we discuss on collaborative approaches such as experts, research, academic exchange, etc.," – President Nguyen Thien Tue confirmed.

Consulting on financial and marketing management

The meeting focuses on obtaining an agreement on approaching, schedule of collaboration between the university and innovations in future. The deans and directors from faculties and centers directly discuss with innovators about related areas and making acquaintance with business cards and contact information exchanging.

Representative for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Dr Chau Minh Quang expressed his respects to the great innovative capabilities, efforts, and passions paid by innovators; although facing with many difficulties but those innovators have shown their brave attitude to run their own business to assure their family life. 

Dr Quang also said that the Faculty could support innovators in term of providing a complete 3D, 2D drawings. Furthermore, the faculty’s facilities and workshops could be used for supporting.

Representative from the Faculty of Automotive Engineering also expressed his willings to support in term of linking with foreign experts to seek appropriate engines and measures for innovator’s machines. Representative from economic academic field commited to provice consultancy on financial and marketing management to help innovators gain more market share.

To the almost innovatiors’ concerns of copyright violation, Assoc. Dr. Phan Chi Chinh – former vice president stressed: "It should be immediately register copyright for panels and standards to assure the scientific reliability; together with the university and industries to develop supporting industry, creating added values for products. This is a golden opportunity that both sides should hold immediately to dominate the domestic market."

"Dealing with problem at right"

Confirming that lasting the collaborative relationship, Dr Nguyen Thien Tue said, "The University is willing to provide innovators loans without interst; in addition, supporting personnels, knowledge, equipment, technology. We want to utilize the current facitlites to provice supports but copyrights are still yours. Especially, we assure to set up simple administrative procedure. As regularily, a signing ceremony is organized for such collaboration, however, what we really need is action. If you need any help concerning problems, do not hesistate contacting us via email.”