The campuses of IUH

The missions

The missions


General objectives:

Build Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City to become a prestigious training institute according to leading modern and advanced direction in Viet Nam in order to achieve the regional rank and meet the demands of high quality human resources serving well for the industrialization and modernization of the nation in general and the development of Industry and Trade major in particular. 

Specific objectives:

- Build up strategies for training and ensure stable development of the university. Gradually increase the scale of tertiary education and postgraduate training and reduce the scale of college education and vocational college.

- Gather all strength to enhance the training quality, create the leading prestigious university about student training quality.

- Strive to become a research center applying technologies and science with research works at the national and international levels.

- By 2020, meet the ASEAN standards.

Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City